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Title: Groupings
Post by: [Blocked] on September 17, 2014, 09:27:25 AM
have you ever experienced your shots grouping better the farther out you go? When I start out I start 10-15 yards then go 20-30 and stay there a while. Then as season gets closer I start heading back to the shorter shots...What happens is my groups are farther apart and a bit low at the short distances and at the 30 yrd mark I have to be careful not to "robin hood" and they group a little high on first shots...I dial my eye and form in, but when I go back to the shorter shots I'm back to spaced and low  until I shoot a few. All that said...
This is on the ground...when practicing out of the stand this doesn't happen @--0--0117 I wonder if it's because I shoot instinctive and have gotten so use to shooting low at close range in an elevated stand..
Title: Re: Groupings
Post by: [Blocked] on September 17, 2014, 09:43:18 AM
Aim small, miss small.

You didn't say but I assume you are shooting with fingers and likely a recurve/longbow?  Either way same rules apply.

I've shot a lot of trad bows using various sighting methods and all out instinctive.    My guess is that you feel more comfortable with the shorter shots so you are not as focused, whether you are truly conscious of it or not.

The closer you get try picking out a smaller spots to focus on.  Even if it's down to an individual hair for close shots.

Also when shooting from an elevated position are you lowering your arm or bending at the waist?  Lowering the arm changes the geometry of your form and will change you draw length.   This is a problem for all types of bows but more so if you are not pulling against the wall that compounds have.  Bending at the waist keeps everything else aligned and will cause less of a variation or high/low from various heights.
Title: Re: Groupings
Post by: [Blocked] on September 17, 2014, 12:10:19 PM
No I am not I shoot a compound with a release....I started out..hhhmmm 18 years ago shooting a recurve /fingers then for 15years shot a compound /fingers...but the new bow I had to go with a release...Oh always bend at waist......It's never a problem because I rarely ground hunt...I think I'm noticing it more this year because the knee has me doing much more ground tree stand sessions have all been great...I have even noticed, unlike some years,when tired.... I tend to pull to the left...I shoot a bow rt. handed but am left eye dominate...I shoot a left handed gun...Anyhow this year that's not happening  which is good..I have downed a few doe with shoulder shots due to that left drift...which is why I will never use mechanicals they drop were they stand and the broad head has gone through both shoulders...
Title: Re: Groupings
Post by: [Blocked] on September 17, 2014, 12:15:53 PM
Interesting, I have not run across very many, if any, that shoot instinctively with a compound and release.  Could be that your brain has learned to compensate for the elevation and just needs to learn to adjust to the new angles.  It's also possible that you are somehow compensating somewhere for the instability of your knee.
Title: Re: Groupings
Post by: [Blocked] on September 17, 2014, 03:27:52 PM
Now that could be it...though I'm still trucking along the knee is in the fore front of my thoughts...with it' subtle  nag nag usual stance is off... though as said good in stand and when I say spread I mean 2-4 inches. Just wondering if anyone else noticed farther shots being better grouped than closer ones..
Title: Re: Groupings
Post by: [Blocked] on September 17, 2014, 06:22:00 PM
You couldn't even consider my farther shots a "group" LOL!

Title: Re: Groupings
Post by: [Blocked] on September 17, 2014, 07:52:19 PM
30 yards is my magic distance. I think I get bored at 20. i'm even better at 40 than 20. very odd