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Title: Handy Rifle
Post by: [Blocked] on November 10, 2013, 05:54:54 PM
Our new local Dick's sporting good store has the Handy Rifles in various calibers for $199.00!  Love to have something like that chambered in either .357, .44 or .223.  Might as well add the .308 Win.  Won't happen since I recently purchased two new toys.
Title: Handy Rifle
Post by: [Blocked] on November 10, 2013, 08:56:02 PM
I bought one in 22-250 a couple years ago. I honed the barrel and put leupold rings and bases on it with a leupold 3x9x50. Planned on it being my little yote gun. I still have it and use it some but it just isn't an accurate gun. 3 in groups at best at 100 yds.
Title: Re: Handy Rifle
Post by: [Blocked] on November 11, 2013, 10:00:43 AM
Ive been wanting one of these for a while. I was looking at the 308 or the .357.

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Title: Re: Handy Rifle
Post by: [Blocked] on December 23, 2013, 11:06:49 PM
I bought one of the Handi-rifles in .223 a few years ago with the intention of having my wife use it on 'yotes around the house since it's such a simple gun and she's not (yet) an experienced gun person.  It was on sale & I feel like I got a good deal, but I got one with a bull barrel on it and that was a mistake on my part, as it is so unbalanced (front-heavy) that she really struggles to shoot it unless she has a good rest for it.  I suppose the weight helps minimize the recoil a bit, but on a .223 that's generally not much of an issue.  I do need to replace the piece of junk scope that came with the gun, but overall I'm relatively pleased with how it shoots from a rest at 100 yds.  I wouldn't want to carry it around in the woods much due to the weight & balance, but to keep it handy around the house when a coyote trots by, it will do the trick.
Title: Re: Handy Rifle
Post by: [Blocked] on December 24, 2013, 01:54:44 PM
ML - Go ahead and get you one! Maybe they will be an after Christmas and before New Year's special pricing on them.....I would get the 223 model..add a 308 later ( by next deer season)..I would put a good scope on it maybe something like a Vortex Crossfire II on it and do what Russcat did, Hone the barrel! This can easily be done by you...on inexpensive barrels the don't do any polishing on the inside  (They got to cut corners somewhere). By honing or polishing the inside of the barrel, you can improve its accuracy dramatically. If not, then after you shot it a couple hundred times, it will accurate.  For sure, clean the barrel after every shot for 30 to 35 times. This will also help its accuracy.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different weight bullets...find out what twist the barrel has and go from there. I have 223 twist anywhere from 8 to 12 inches and believe me they are very sensitive to what ammo you shoot in them. If necessary call the factory to see what twist is in it. They will be more than glad to help...

Madgomer - I have been using heavy barrels for over 40 years now. Carried on up and down those Colorado Mountains on 15 Elk Hunts. You are right, they are front end heavy and after the first couple of hunts, installed a bi-pod or carried shooting sticks with me. Most are 26" long!! You cannot hold it on the target for very long before your left arm starts shaking....but these days I use short 20" heavy barrel for most of my deer hunting and they weigh just as much as a regular rifle does about 7.5 to 8 lbs. But believe me they are accurate, very accurate.

Put a good scope, base and rings on it....good luck and let us know how it shoots and what you top it off with.....